Hair MANE-tenance: Shampoo and Conditioner

The hair is one of the many “accessories” of women … giving frame to a woman’s face, complementing her lifestyle, and heightening her fashion appeal. The hair is a flexible and unpredictable medium of eloquence and of art.  Any person who appreciates great hairstyles recognizes the value of mane-tenance!


It is not easy to tell a good shampoo from a poor one. Cost, fragrance, and lots of foam is what most people look for in shampoo products. Lather and scent often get the most attention; however, these are not the qualities to evaluate good shampoos.


Carefully choose shampoos that are right for you … right for your hair structure … right for your lifestyle….  Examine your hair’s condition after several uses of the shampoo you have.  Does it cause flyaways ?   Does it make your hair hard to comb?  Does it make your hair limp?  Does it cause the  color of your hair fade?  Does it make your hair coarse and dry?  Or does it make your scalp itchy?   Just like the skin, hair needs a daily regimen that is deep cleansing and moisturizing.  Most likely, for hair there are only two types, the fine and thick hair whilst there are only two conditions of the hair, the normal and damaged hair.  For such hair types and condition, SWALLOW  especially formulated shampoos and conditioners considered safe and desirable  to use everyday.

  • To minimize breakage, make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo and rub the shampoo between your palms first. Lather for no more than 30 seconds.
  • If your shampoo is not lathering, your hair most likely is not wet enough. Add water, not shampoo.
  • Before conditioning, squeeze excess water from your hair (please be gentle) soaking wet strands don’t absorb conditioner very well.
  • You’ll know conditioner is all washed out when your hair feels slightly slippery.
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