Jotoco Corp. started in 2007 as a neophyte distribution company
duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration,
very eager to spread its cosmetic brands:

With its experienced sales and marketing arm,
its products were extensively distributed and made available
in leading department stores, supermarkets, drugstores
and other institutions nationwide by 2009.

It is Jotoco's aggresiveness and desire to develop and
produce promising products that paved the establishment of
a manufacturing laboratory in 2010

It was in the same year that JTomas Solutions
was launched as a diversified and high end brand for
skin, hair and body care lines.

Jotoco Corp. aspires to import quality international cosmetics brands
by 2019 to be able to meet the demands of Filipino consumers
for imported but affordable products and be an access as well to other
traders and business for their global needs, supplies and merchandise.


Alabang Supermarket

Alturas Group

Cash & Carry

Citimart Group



Essel Supermart

Ever Gotesco

Gaisano Capital Group

Gaisano Grand Group

Gaisano Malls

Imeeguel Cosmetic Bar

Mr. JJ Supermarket

KCC Group

LCC Essentials

LEE Plaza

Makati Supermart

Mercury Drug Chain

Metro Gaisano Group

NCCC Group

Novo Chain

Ororama Supercenter

PCX ( Personal Exchange) stores

RB Hortaleza

Other leading department stores, supermarkets, and cosmetic shops nationwide

Reyes Haircutters

Robinsons Supermarket

Shoppers Group

Sta. Lucia Dept. Store

The Landmark Department Store

TSB Bazaar


V. Jamora

Victoria Plaza Mall

Villajoy Novo

Watsons Personal Care Stores