Hair Straightening Iron

Still can’t live without your HAIR STRAIGHTENING IRON? Once you know how to achieve that sleek, smooth look, it’s hard to go back. Here are some tips to avoid damaging hair when using straightening irons: Keep your flat iron clean. It will last longer and do less damage to your hair. Use a styling aid […]

Highlighted / Bleached Hair

The blonde protector … Keratin Blondie Purple Shampoo by Monea, keeping bleached hair from turning brassy yellow. When you spend so much time and money transforming your hair into the perfect blonde shade, the first sight of brassiness (yellowish or orange-y) can make it all feel like a total waste. That’s where purple shampoo comes […]

Hair Treatment

Is your hair in bad shape? Do you have split ends? Does your hair easily breaks? Or Is it try and frizzy? Damaged due to chemicals? What should you be doing? HAIR TREATMENT is the answer! Treatments are often confused with conditioners. True, conditioners give hair smoothness and combability but this is just temporary. Treatments […]

Hair Removal

Precautions before waxing: 1. Read all precautions and instructions carefully before application. 2. Do not use … On irritated, inflamed, sunburned, peeling, chapped, cut, sore, or broken skin On old, weak scars On skin with eczema, varicose veins, moles, warts, pimples, or rashes. On the elderly or anyone with loose skin On skin recently treated […]