4 Easy Ways to Bring Out Your Curls

October 2, 2018

Having curly hair can both be a blessing and a curse. Nothing can be more head-turning than healthy, bouncy curls, yet they can be a nightmare during bad hair days.

Managing this hair type boils down to two things: the right products and the proper techniques. Below are four ways you can enhance your natural curls without heat styling:

1. Scrunching

If you have wavy or curly hair, this should be your go-to technique. It involves taking a section of your locks and scrunching it upwards after applying a curl-defining lotion. The scrunch helps enhance the wave of your curls, leaving a soft and natural look.

2. Twirling

This technique is ideal for girls with tighter curls. After cleansing and conditioning your hair thoroughly, part your locks before styling your curl sections. Apply an appropriate amount of curling lotion on your hands and twirl each strand around your fingers, releasing after a few seconds. Avoid making your curls look stringy by sectioning each strand appropriately for a more natural effect. 

3. Braiding

You can get beach waves even without the sun beating down on your locks. To do this, part damp hair in the middle and create two ponytails on top of your head. Apply a curl defining product, and braid each ponytail depending on how big your want your curls to be. Stick to one braid if you want looser curls, or create more if you want them more packed. Leave your hair to dry before shaking them loose.

4. Clapping

Not only will this help enhance your curls. It will reduce frizz, too. To do this, rub some curl-defining product on your palms. Take a section of your hair between your hands, and clap gently starting from the roots down to the ends of your locks.

Go for a styling product that can help accentuate your curls without weighing them down. Try Monea’s Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion. It helps define waves and minimize frizz while leaving a natural finish. It also has almond milk and lanolin oil, which smooths out and protects the locks.