JTomas Solutions No Sweat Anti-perspirant Deodorant Review

October 2, 2018

Hey guys! It’s already summer and it’s extremely hot and humid most of the time. Normally, we tend to get sweat in the middle of the day and it’s irritable, I know. Now here’s the thing. I found an amazing product with no sweat kinda day!

Price: P89.00 (50ml)

A gentle hydro alcohol solution for excessive sweating of the armpits, chest, back, hands, and feet. (But for this review, I only applied it on my armpits and feet.)

Aluminum Chlorohydrate; Ethyl Alcohol; Fragrance; Allantoin; Melaleuca Alternifolis (Tea Tree) Extract; Phenoxyethanol and ethylhhexylglycerine.

Product Usage:
Ensure that the affected areas are totally dry before spraying the product. Preferably spray on sweat prone areas after bath. Use sparingly everyday. Do not spray on irritated skin or areas with open wounds. Ideal for all skin types.

Where to buy:
Watsons / Landmark


The packaging comes in a white spray bottle which I think is better because it does not diffuse the product. It has a chemical scent but not too strong. It’s also a plus that they clearly placed the instructions and expiry date in front of the product.
For the performance, it really does what it claims! This product has been impressing me for more than a month now. I did not experience any irritation during and even after application. This one does not leave any stains on shirts and does not darken my underarms too. I must say that it can handle the heat and humidity here in the Philippines. Given that there are times when it’s really hot every now and then but most of the time, I stay dry and smell good all day!
The only downside that I observed is that sprayer may clog so you have to make sure to replace the cap after use. It may also leave white cast on areas applied so you’ll need to rub the area with a towel or tissue after it dries. But other than that it works wonders!

Will I recommend it?
Yes! I highly recommend it if you sweat a lot or even if you just want something that would still make you feel fresh despite of our humid and hot weather.

Hope this review helps. Feel free to ask a question or share your stories as well on the comment box below.

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Disclaimer: The views and statement above are based on my experience and my honest opinion. Note that we have different skin types and conditions. What’s good for me may not be good for you. Take this review as a guide only.