Monea Tints Hair Cellophane Hair Treatment

an ideal in-salon treatment color service that is peroxide-free, alcohol-free, ammonia-free.  It uses the natural henna colors that are safely deposited on the hair, providing radiant shine and deep conditioning.

For: normal to dry hair

Process: steam hair with TINTS HAIR CELLOPHANE for 30 minutes, then cool for another 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly


  • Coloring action may leave stains on hands, table tops, clothing.
  • Cellophane can reduce action of a perming or straightening product; hence, it is best to use Monea Cellophane after perming or straightening.
  • Cellophane can hinder the action of any chemical dye. Wait for at least 1 month before using any permanent hair color.

Available colors: Black, Burgundy, Chestnut, Dark Brown, Mahogany, Natural

 Size: 130g